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Top Banner Sizes: The Most Effective Banners of 2020

Top Banner Sizes:The most effective banners sizes

Common Web Banner Sizes

One of the most important things to consider when creating banners for Display Advertising is which sizes to use. The banner size can have a major effect on how ads perform – and the right choice can in fact boost your ad effectiveness. To help you out we’ve collected data from 4.8 billion ad impressions on millions of sites to bring you the most up to date statistics on banner usage for 2018. If you want to know which banners are the most commonly used across the web, this guide is for you.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has created standardized guidelines on banner sizes, which work across all advertising networks, including the Google Display Network (GDN). If you want to learn more about the different sizes and how common they are, you will find the 15 most important formats in a handy chart below – together with how common they are, to make it easier for you to plan your campaign.

Standard Banner Sizes

Size(px) Name Global Frequency  Weight
300x250 Medium Rectangle 40% <150 kb
728x90 Leaderboard 25% <150 kb
160x600 Wide Skyscraper 12% <150 kb
300x600 Half Page 5% <150 kb
970x250 Billboard 1% <150 kb
336x280 Large Rectangle <1% <150 kb
468x60 Banner <1% <150 kb
234x60 Half Banner <1% <150 kb
120x60 Skyscraper <1% <150 kb
120x240 Vertical Banner <1% <150 kb
300x1050 Portrait <1%
<150 kb
Large Leaderboard
<150 kb
<150 kb
Small Square
<150 kb
Small Rectangle
<150 kb
125x125 Button <1% <150 kb




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